Thursday, June 19, 2014

July Astrology Article For Intuitive Seekers
July Astrology Article For Intuitive Seekers
We begin the month of July with Mercury completing its retrograde and moving direct. Communications and connections will move forward. With Mercury, the messenger, having gone retrograde in Cancer and now direct in Gemini the message is aligning our thoughts and feelings to be congruent. Healing of the emotional body is key now and having an intellectual understanding of the different triggers that happen to our emotional body enables you to move past old resentments and hurts.
There are several significant events happening in the month of July; Jupiter moves into Leo, heralding more times of celebration, Saturn goes direct and Uranus moves retrograde suggesting that what we think is safe and secure may not be at all. All three major shifts happen within days of each other. When we have a month filled with shifts that only occur every year, life events can be more pronounced. This is contingent upon your personal chart if the change will be in your life, but certainly you will be witness life changing event in a life of someone in your circle. Mars, after spending many months retrograde in Libra finally moves into Scorpio, a sign it shares co ruler with.

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