Friday, June 27, 2014

5 Steps to Planting a New Lawn
5 Steps to Planting a New Lawn
What you need to do to plant a new lawn

If you're facing the tough task of planting a new lawn, then you definitely should find some comfort in the truth that you can certainly do it yourself, even although you don't have any previous lawn care experience. Just be prepared to put some research, time, and hard labor into the procedure and you could have a lush, green lawn earlier than you may think. Need to know how? Listed here are five steps to planting a brand new lawn:

Remove the old turf.

Even although you aren't replacing existing grass, you will have to remove weeds and plant overgrowth before you plant new lawn. You will find numerous ways to get this done, and many of them involve killing every one of the growth by smothering it in hot sunlight (usually under plastic sheeting), applying an herbicide, or manually hoeing and removing the uppermost part of the soil.

Fix grading.

Your lawn should slope from your house, at a rate of at least two inches every ten feet and a maximum of twelve inches every four feet. You should use a topsoil rake to correct small grading issues, or rent earth moving equipment to repair larger grading problems. If necessary, you might even hire a professional.

Add necessary amendments.

Test your lawn for composition and pH in order to know what amendments you'll need to include (fertilizer, sulfur, organic matter, and/or lime, for example). You might send some soil away to a commercial or governmental soil tester with this job. Adding any necessary amendments to your lawn, utilizing a tiller to work them in.

Prepare the soil surface.

Rake the soil to get rid of stones and other debris, and then pat it into place until it is firm enough to supply ample support for new seeds, as seeds may fall too deep into soil that is too loose, giving new growth difficulty achieving the surface before dying. Water the soil before moisture reaches five to six inches deep, two days before planting.

Plant your seeds.

Apply a beginner fertilizer based on the seed supplier's instructions, being careful to not work it in to the soil, and then spread the seeds either manually or using any kind of spreader. Rake just the top eighth of an inch of soil lightly to drop the seeds and encourage germination, and then water. You have now planted a brand new lawn!

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