Saturday, June 21, 2014

Reparacion ordenadores
Reparacion ordenadores
Computer maintenance for businesses

Computer maintenance service to businesses must meet the features of an internal IT department . It is for this reason why in Brain Hardware we try to cover all computer maintenance needs to have your company. From fixing computers to monitor the safety of the company 's servers , through continuous review of computer equipment and material of constant use.
Computer maintenance for SMEs

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Are you a SME ? , Do you need Computer maintenance ? , We help you to control your computer equipment library , warehouse , office, etc ... Every week , our staff will move by your business for a Computer maintenance and make sure it works properly and does not need anything . In case you have an unexpected emergency , we provide a computer that allows you to continue working while we solve the problem or manage a new team .

Our goal is that the computer is no longer a daily concern for you,let us help you and work with you!

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