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Dwarf Planets Makemake and Quaoar
Dwarf Planets Makemake and Quaoar
There are many new planets that are being identified and included in the astrology chart for deeper refinement and interpretation. For centuries astrologers only used the 7 planets (wandering stars) which were seen before the telescope was invented. And then came Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto. Now different planets, a number of named dwarf planets other are asteroids, have been discovered past Neptune, (Trans Neptunian) Kuiper belt and Ort cloud, are included in the astrology chart. This article will cover Sedna, Eris, Varuna, Makemake and Quaoar.
Now with the Hubble telescope and improvement in astronomy many more planets have been uncovered. The latest classification for these orbiting objects are called dwarf planets. The dwarf planets discovery reveal the expansion and growth of human consciousness.
For astrologers we recognize that as a expression of the consciousness expanding in the civilization. We are evolving and life and how we think and feel is more complex than even 80 years in the past when Pluto was discovered, and undoubtedly the evolutionary growth of consciousness has changed significantly since the discovery of Uranus in 1781.
Astrology is already an exceptionally unique and complex means of self-introspection so what do we do with the newly discovered planets and how do we understand them in the natal chart? Basically you will interpret the dwarf planets, (at times called centaurs) as you would any other planet in the chart however you must take under consideration that the orbit for these planets is very large and the sign that they are in will be generational, or multi-generational. Therefore to discover if and when and how these new planets are going to be meaningful for you they should connect with another personal planet, such as your Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars or Mercury. Then a symbols that represent these planets will alter and change the perception and influence how your life will be.
Varuna, Makemake and Quaoar are from creation myth from different parts of the world. Each is from a different society, Varuna; creator God from India culture and religion, Makemake, from the peoples of the south pacific Easter Island, and Quaoar, is the name of a creation deity of the Native American Tongva people that lived in the southern California.
When these dwarf planets are prominent as well as activated in your chart you will be able to take advantage of the strength of your mind to manifest your desires in life. If you know somebody who is into visualizations, creative visualization and the positive power of thoughts that create reality you are observing an engaged Makemake and Quaoar. In the event you have either of these dwarf planets crossing your Sun, Moon, Mercury or Venus by transit you should have more ability to implement the power of your thoughts to generate your reality.
Had you been born with these creator planets with your personal natal planets or on your ascendant or mid heaven you have the natural possibility to manifest into reality that which you put your intellect to. Developing a strong Makemake or Quaoar helps, yet awareness of the planetary influences enables you to develop the natural gifts of the creator dwarf planets.
Sedna and Eris are two dwarf planets that have a similar theme in common, feeling left out. The archetype trials and tribulations of the myths involving Sedna and Eris were presenting in the lives of people in major and minor ways. Have you felt conned or betrayed by life? Sedna is activated when there is a situation in your own life where you are daydreaming of a better world, a better life, one that will meet a person's wishes and desires. And then something unfolds that says, in case you go here, try this or be with me, invest is such and such, you will have what you want. The heart of Sedna follows that path, whether it is going to school to obtain a degree that one is told will bring a job, or marry somebody that promises a happy life together, or move to a different place where she has been told that opportunity and a happier life exists, only to find none of the hopes dreams and wishes happened. Finding herself in a new place and predicament many times worse off than before feeling betrayed by false promises.
Eris on the other hand is not so naïve, she is potent willed and her own person. But the Eris archetype is initialized when a person feels or possibly is left out. This really is minor, such as being ignored of the office or university click or significant, not being accepted into a university or college when one knows that others with the same experience got in. It has an indignation that goes along with Eris, an injustice that is connected with not being part of the crowd. Eris can get incredibly frustrated, hurt and mad, even vindictive anytime she has been snubbed. The gift of Eris is to understand how to build your circle where you are welcoming others and not leaving it up to others to invite you into their group. This is often difficult in some respects as there are professional organizations, whether for work or avocation, which might be very incestuous of who they allow to be part of their inner circle. Finding out how to design your own organization and inner circle can be part of your life path for those who carry a strong Eris personality.
These types of symbols have been showing up a lot lately. When they're transited with the faster moving planets you can see the mythsin action in the news along with the existence or those around you.
Arguably it is difficult to keep up with all of the new planets that are being uncovered, nevertheless this too is a reflection of our everyday life. It is difficult to keep up with changing technological innovation, the new knowledge needed in one’s career, medical and scientific breakthroughs. There was a time only a few centuries before that it was possible to learn all the knowledge that mankind knew, because there was not that much discovered. Now even learning everything there is to know in one area is a challenge. Yet still, all these new developments for astrology is the representation of our fast ever expanding world. Learning and checking out the centaurs and dwarf planets expands and brings more depth and richness and understanding into your chart analysis. It helps when one can identify which archetype an individual is resonating with, not only for acknowledgement and acknowledgement of the human experience, but also to learn to know how to release the pattern for healing as well as a more content life.

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